Markose Thomas

23 Aug 1983 – 6 Jul 2018

Markose Thomas was born on 23rd August 1983 in Thiruvalla, Kerala to Thomas Markose and Sara Thomas. He spent most of his childhood in Bangalore and Kanpur. After high school he was accepted into IIT Kharagpur from where he graduated with a Masters in Computer Science in 2006. He was a very bright student and participated in many prestigious coding competitions like ACM etc. Right after graduation he got a job at Google and worked as a software engineer in Google for 7 years. After his stint at Google he joined Cohesity in San Francisco. He was an integral part of the team that started Cohesity. Markose was deeply passionate about research and working on large scale distributed systems, algorithms, search indexing and crawling. Outside of work Mark was a person with many interests and he made sure he pursued all of them with the same passion he had for his work. He was an avid snowboarder and also a motorcycle enthusiast. 
On 6th July 2018 Markose went on a camping trip with his friends in California. He tragically drowned in a lake and passed away. It was a very sudden and unexpected loss for everyone who knew him. “Be in love with your life. Every Minute of it” This was one of Markose favorite quotes. He has left a legacy and definitely had a very deep and personal impact to so many people in his short lived life. His family and friends want to keep his memory and legacy alive and this website is meant to keep his memory alive.